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The brandnew AIRBATT AVIONIK lithium iron phosphate battery has a high capacity, is extremely light and can be used universally.
Due to the same dimensions as the usual standard lead-acid batteries, it is normally one-to-one interchangeable, and recently also easy to approve.

The latest LiFePO4 generation and the BMS technology provide an extremely high level of safety in the event of destruction and against incorrect handling of the battery.
With the associated documents on testing and approvals (see download area in the article), this battery can be easily registered.

The innovative technology offers high intrinsic safety, operational safety, service life and a long service life.

Thanks to BMS protective circuitry, these batteries can be charged with an original AIRBATT lead-acid charger.

Technical data:
  •     Nominal voltage: 12V
  •     Nominal capacity: 12Ah (discharge characteristic c20)
  •     Charging current (max): 10A
  •     Max. charging voltage: 14.6V
  •     Maximum continuous discharge current: 20A
  •     Discharge voltage cut-off at: 10V
  •     Operating voltage range: 10.1V to 14.6V
  •     Number of cycles: 2,500 at 100% discharge
  •     Operating temperature discharge: -20 to 60ºC
  •     Operating temperature charge: -0 to 50ºC
  •     Dimensions:  L x W x H = 150 x 65 x 93mm (tolerance +- 1mm).
  •     Connector poles: Faston 6.3mm blade terminals (if no other version selected)
  •     Weight: 1600g - over 60% weight saving compared to conventional lead acid batteries!
  •     Integrated BMS protection circuit

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