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Extension 1:
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Product no.: 20-94010
The jumbo putzi bug wiper drive impresses with its small, flexible design and automatic and reliable operation.

The very easy operation (one push button per side) creates hardly any distraction in flight, the flying speed during the cleaning process can be varied up to 200 Km/h, the drive has been tested up to well over 200 Km/h.
Due to the flexible, 2-part design, installation in the aircraft is possible even in confined spaces. The symmetrical design allows a right/left conversion of the motor units according to the available installation space.
The control unit is very small and mounted on a drive unit. It is microprocessor-controlled and designed as a self-learning system, e.g. the fettler learns over time to reduce speed when approaching the hull. Slack rope monitoring, if the fettler gets stuck while running out, is also integrated.
The entire power supply is routed through a toggle switch with an integrated electronic fuse, which allows the complete unit to be shut down. The electronic fuse trips at 5A and then switches back on automatically.

The small operating and display unit is placed behind the panel, the pushbuttons then look out at the front. This only requires 2 8mm holes for the pushbuttons and a small hole for the mounting screw. Alternatively, the control unit can simply be placed in the panel area. The cable connection to the control unit is made by a prefabricated, plug-in cable.
The operating status of the respectively activated unit is signaled by an LED integrated in the pushbutton. In daily operation, only a short keystroke is required to start the drive. The rest of the operation is controlled by the microprocessor control, manual intervention is not necessary, but of course possible.

The extension also includes a control unit for the rear seat, which enables the operation of the bug wiper from the rear seat. This control unit is also allowed with signaling from, the signaling takes place parallel to the mother unit in the front panel.

The principle has been proven for more than 15 years and about 100 delivered units and is operated at Ülis Segelflugbedarf in the Ventus 2cxR for more than 12 years without any problems with different cleaning wings. Compared to its predecessor, the jumbo putzi represents a downsizing of the electronics and a production-optimized design of the mechanical components, some of which are made from state-of-the-art 3D printing.

Technical data:
  •     Flying speed during cleaning up to 200 Km/h
  •     Power supply: 12 VDC
  •     Stand-by current consumption: 20mA @ 12VDC
  •     Operating current consumption: approx. 2A, depending on cleaning wing and flying speed
  •     Fully automatic sequence control incl. automatic shutdown when reaching the end position on the fuselage
  •     Span adjustment via rope length adjustment

Dimensions drive:
  •     Length: 120mm
  •     Width: 100mm
  •     Height: 40mm
Dimensions control unit:
  •     Width: 35mm
  •     Height: approx. 14mm plus plug connection to the rear
  •     Depth: 15mm

Whats in the box:
    2 pcs. jumbo putzi drive units, individually mountable
    1 pc. control unit, pre-mounted on one drive unit
    1 pc. Operating and display unit with connecting cable
    2 pull ropes, 11m each (to be shortened to the respective span length during assembly)
    2 pcs. Plastic dropside nipple
    2 pcs. Bowden cable sheath each 60cm, extra smooth running
    5 pcs. Cable fasteners self-adhesive
    1 pc. Main switch in toggle form with integrated fuse
    1 pc. Threading loop for pulling a new cable onto the drive drum
    1 pc. Operating and connection instructions

Scope of delivery for the extension to two-seater:
    1 pcs. operating and display unit
    1 connecting cable from the front operating and display unit to the rear unit
    1 piece plug-in adapter for looping in the rear unit

Please take in mind:
We recommend regular inspection for chafing points and preventive replacement every 2 years for the pull cable.