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Type of glider:
Shipping time: 3 - 4 Weeks
Weight: 0.00 Kg.
The flexible canopy cover

Can be put on and taken off very quickly.
Reduces the temperature in the cockpit in strong sunlight. Due to the elastic construction, the cover is simply placed around the canopy and fastened with the elastic band. This allows the canopy to be opened and replaced on the fuselage without removing the cover.

Available in silver and gold. Other colours are also available, but we recommend silver or gold as the other colours heat up strongly and the canopy may then no longer be able to be closed.
Please specify colour and competition number plate in remarks (if desired)!

Please note:
Can only be used when stationary, e.g. at the trailer or at the start, as the canopy cannot be closed completely with the cover and cannot be locked under any circumstances.
If a Röger hook is present, it cannot be threaded in, the same applies to the version with Sunshield.

On request also available with the following extensions:
Sunshield (picture 3: additional vertical cover in the head area) only possible with canopies that open forwards
and / or sewn-on competition number plate (please indicate colour preference) available. With Röger hooks, the bonnet may not be able to be closed.
Possible colours for additionals are: Red, blue, silver and gold

Competition competition numbers and D-licence addOns:
- are 11-13 cm high, please indicate the letters/numbers and the desired colour.
- are attached to the left-hand side of the rear cover on two-seaters unless otherwise requested, also on the left-hand side on single-seaters.

!! Please note: All covers are made individually according to the customer's wishes and cannot be exchanged or returned!

Delivery time: approx. 2-4 weeks after order.

Single seater with one-piece canopy:
Acro, Antares, Apis Bee, ASH 26, ASH 31, ASG 29, ASW 19/20, ASW 22, ASW 24/27/28, Astir CS Jeans/CS 77, Brawo, Club Libelle, Cobra, Diamant, Diana 2, Discus a/b/c/2a/2b/2c, Discus CS, DG 101/200/300/400/600/800, EB 29, Elfe S4, Foka 4/5, Glasflugel 304, Hornet, HPH Shark 304, IS29-D2, Jantar Std 3, LAK 12/17/19, JS 1, LS 1f/3/4/6/7/8/9/10, Mistral C, Mini Nimbus, Mosquito, Nimbus 2/3/4, Perkoz SZD-54, Piccolo (Technoflug), PIK 20D, PIK 20E, Pirat, PW 5, Quintus, Silent 2, Scheibe SF-27, Standard Cirrus, Standard Libelle H201/201B/205/H301, SWIFT, SZD-55/59, Ventus a/2a/b/c/2b/2c/2ax/2bx/2cx/2cxa

Single-seater with two-piece canopy:
Jantar 1/2b/Std/Std2, LS 1 c/d, Speed Astir II/2b

Two-seaters with one-piece canopy:
Arcus, ASK 13, Duo Discus, Duo Discus XL, Janus A, B and C, Nimbus 4D, Puchacz, ASH25 EB28

Two-seater with two-piece canopy:
ASK 21, ASH 25, ASH 30, ASG 32, DG 500/505/1000/1001, Grob Twin I/II, Grob Twin III.

Two-seater with long canopy 1:
Pipstrel Taurus, ArrowCopter AC10 AC20, AutoGyro Calidus

Two-seater with long canopy 2:
Stemme S10, Dynamic

If your aircraft type is not indicated in the selection list, please enter it in the comments field.

This product is compatible with:

canopy cover dust protect single seater
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