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Product no.: 23-110250
High-performance dipole outdoor antenna for FLARM devices of all generations
  • High quality, stable and shapely outdoor antenna
  • extremely low resistance
  • The vertical mounting of the antenna ensures optimal communication with other FLARMs.
  • The antenna achieves a standing wave ratio of 1.1 - 1.3 and thus a very high quality (96% - 87% of the available energy is transmitted/received).
  • The radio technical concept of the antenna goes back to a military development during World War II and is very common in amateur radio circles.
  • Connector: high-quality SMA socket. Therefore all Stdandard-FLARM-antenna cables from our assortment fit

Technical data:
  • Weight: approx 125 g
  • Dimensions: 135 mm height, 125 mm root depth, 33 mm maximum width at the root rib
  • Connection: SMA socket (gold plated)
  • Air resistance: 1/1000 glide ratio at glide ratio 1:60 and slip-free inflow
  • Freedom from detachment up to 15 degrees of sliding angle
  • Max. permitted speed: 500 km/h (270 kt) when mounted on a surface that can absorb the lateral force of 106 Newton (15 degree angle of thrust, maximum abrasion of the antenna) with a safety factor of 2.5
  • Breaking load: With a lateral force of 30 kg (294 Newton) and installation with the supplied plastic screws, only reversible lateral bending, no breakage or damage
Scope of delivery:
  • FLARM antenna SuperFAntFlow
  • Support pad made of special foam, adhesive on one side
  • Plastic fastening screws
  • Plastic washers
  • Operating and installation instructions
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • CS-STAN Standard Change "Installation of Antennas" CS-SC004a Issue3 Status April 4th 2019, english