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Product no.: 80-10410
Manufacturer:LX Navigation
State-of-the-art high-end glider navigation system with large 5,5-inch display
The latest development from LX Navigation convinces with its absolutely sunlight-suitable and completely mirror-free colour display.
Operation is intuitive and easy even for less experienced pilots, thanks to the inscribed keys and rotary knobs, and kept the same across all Zeus device sizes.
Full equipment: All functions for the pleasure pilot as well as for the club pilot and also for the ambitious competition pilot are already included in the system. Bluetooth and WLAN connection are also integrated in the standard system at no extra charge, no external components or activation are necessary.
System updates and manufacturer databases are available free of charge; airspace databases can be processed directly in OpenAir format without any adjustments.
The graphic pages can be freely designed directly on the device, or with the simulator at home on the PC and then imported into the device.
The most important facts summarized:
  •     14 cm screen diagonal
  •     Format: available upright and cross, can also be converted on site (push-button can be rotated)
  •     Precise and simple operation via 8 labeled pushbuttons and two rotary pushbutton switches. The pushbuttons have a double function for short and long printing times.
  •     Data transfer and flight download via USB stick
  •     worldwide terrain maps already pre-installed
  •     3 turning point files can be activated at the same time
  •     SD card reader (micro) is operated by the connected Flarm
  •     FLARM data can be fed in from outside
  •     Freely designable graphic pages (directly on the device)
  •     3D graphic display of flight path and airspace at the touch of a button
  •     modern Linux operating system
  •     Free airspace and airfield databases (on the LX Navigation website), future-proof: ch open-air files are directly usable
  •     No need to remove the instrument due to height calibration (colibri II will be sent in for baro calibration)
  •     Plug-and-play connections dan CAN bus system
  •     ICAO cards available free of charge - easy installation via USB stick

  • Unlimited number of NAV-BOXes
  • Individual graphic design
  • 3 main screen pages (APT, TP, TSK)
  • Each main screen has easily accessible subpages (airport information and varial path - terrain view)
  • Data transfer from databases via USB stick
  • 3 turnpoint files (.cup) can be active at the same time
  • Tasks can be imported (TSK files .cup)
  • Terrain maps of the world are pre-installed
  • System update via USB stick - no password required, no costs incurred
  • 1 GHz Arm Cortex A8, 32 GB internal memory and 512 MB DDR RAM
  • 8 labeled keys and 2 rotary pressure switches
  • 8 GB storage space

  • 2 x CAN ports
  • RJ11 User 1 Connection
  • RJ11 User 2 Connection
  • RJ11 FLARM data connection
  • RJ11 FLARM Display connector
  • USB-A socket (front panel)
optional accessory:
  • Remote control via stick control (please specify diameter in the comment field of the order)
  • Colour display 5,5 inch
  • Resolution 480 x 640 px
  • Absolutely mirror-free
  • Extended temperature range
Size & Power Consumption:
  • Size: (HxWxD) 146 x 106 x 52 mm
  • weight: 0,5 kg
  • Current consumption 500 mA at 12 V DC

Scope of delivery:
  • LX Zeus 5.5 navigation device
  • LX Eos57d Variometer display (optional other variometers)
  • CAN-Bus connection cable
  • GPS antenna
  • short instruction
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