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Product no.: 21-90053
Weight: 1.60 Kg.

As experts and innovation drivers in the field of mobile energy, we are constantly developing our product range. Now we are launching the AIR-LPB 12-12, offering a high level of safety paired with improved capacity. Approved according to UL2054 and with a capacity of 12Ah (156Wh) - instead of the 10Ah (128Wh) that was previously common in this size - we are putting another exclamation mark on avionics batteries. More and more technology in gliders is creating an ever-increasing demand for energy - whether it's a radio, transponder or glider computer, nothing works without electricity.

The certification according to UL2054 (industrial batteries) enables you to register our AIR-LPB 12-12 with the LBA via a CS-Stan 0034.

Compared to commercially available lead batteries of the same size, our new LiFePO4 battery has the following Advantages:

  • 1/2 weight for the same size - only 1.2 kg
  • 2500 charging cycles vs. 350 to 600 charging cycles
  • 100% capacity utilisation vs. 65% recommended depth of discharge for lead batteries
  • Fast-charging capability (2C) Lead-acid batteries reach full capacity only after 14 hrs.
  • Integrated BMS (Battery Management System) with:
    • Charge balancing of the individual cells
    • Protection circuit against short circuit
    • Deep discharge protection
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Charge temperature monitoring

With the same size, LiFePO4 batteries have a higher energy density, i.e. a weight saving of 50% is achieved. The AIRBATT AIR-LPB also scores in terms of depth of discharge, number of cycles and charging time. LiFePO4 batteries allow the use of almost 100% of the capacity, offer at least 2500 charging cycles and are fast-chargeable with a max. charging current of 5A(2C).

AIRBATT Energiepower LiFePO4 batteries are tested batteries. During quality control, each individual battery is subjected to the following Tests:

  • Capacity test 
  • High frequency test 
  • acceleration test 
  • high current test

The BMS integrated in the battery housing is equipped with an active balancer for charge balancing of the individual cells, a short-circuit protection circuit and deep discharge protection. Because the BMS limits the current draw to 20A, the AIRBATT Energiepower 12V 12Ah is not suitable as a starter battery.

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