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Shipping time: 3 - 4 Weeks
Product no.: 22-94115
Weight: 6.50 Kg.
A rescue parachute Made in GERMANY

Fallschirmbau Buchsein EASA Approval: EASA.210.1172
Round canopy parachute with 20 panels

Red, blue, dark blue

Basic equipment:
Fittings at the chest strap: Clamp buckle / strap loop, optional karabiner buckle
Fittings on the leg straps: 1 carabiner clasp each
Release: Manual release (with the forced release option, this is in addition to the manual release, i.e. both release types are integrated).

The Premium back cushion option is additionally equipped with a super memory shock / energy absorbing back cushion

Technical data:
Sink rate: 4.8 m/s with 75 kg load
Sink rate: 5.5 m/s with 115 kg load
Max. Max. load on parachute: 110 kg
Max. Max. service speed: 278 km/h (150 KIAS)
Minimum altitude of use: 80 m
Weight: approx. 6,5 kg
Year of manufacture: 02/2020
Operating time: 20 years
Packing interval: 1 year

Packing dimensions:
Width= approx. 360 mm
Thickness= approx. 70 mm
Length= approx. 580 mm

The delivery includes a storage bag, which is included in the basic price.

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