Online vouchers can be purchased like any other item in the shop. As soon as you have purchased a voucher and it has been activated after successful payment, you can transfer the amount to your shopping cart.
Please note: The activation of an online voucher is done by hand and takes 1-3 working days. For vouchers up to 100 Euros, partial use of the voucher is not possible, they must be used up completely in the online shop with one order.

Giving away vouchers
To give a voucher as a gift, pass on the voucher code. It can then be redeemed in the Online Shop.
If you would like to design a voucher yourself, simply download our template from the Download section in the Voucher article.

Shopping with vouchers
As soon as you have credit, you can use it to pay for your order. During the order process you have the possibility to redeem your credit. If the credit is less than the value of the goods, you must choose your preferred method of payment for the difference. If your credit exceeds the value of the goods, the remaining credit will of course be available for your next order (only for vouchers over 100,- Euro).    

How to book vouchers
If you have received a voucher by e-mail, you can book the amount as follows: 1.
1. go to our internet shop. If you do not have a personal customer account yet, you have the possibility to open one. We recommend the creation of a customer account, so that orders can be easily tracked and subsequent order processes are possible without the hassle of entering address data.
After you have placed a product in the shopping cart, you can enter your voucher code there at the end of the order process.
3. the value of the goods must be higher than the value of the voucher. Vouchers cannot be partially redeemed

If something does not work:    
If, contrary to expectations, there are problems with a voucher, please first check that your browser or mobile device is up to date. Older software versions or operating systems (especially Apple) sometimes do not allow this function for security reasons.
If you continue to have problems, please contact us by email: Please describe the problem as precisely as possible, necessary details are among others: Your name, your customer number (if available), the voucher code, error messages of the system as well as information about the terminal and the browser you are using.

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